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Posted in Websites with tags on 12/08/2010 by ThreeDice

This has got to be the greatest development in the online gaming industry since the internet began.

Thanks to this website, you can now play the old Pokemon games you know and love in flash from the comfort of your computer.

AND you can save on it. which is rad.

I know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the afternoon.


Wonder Woman, Falcon Fetishists and Celebrities of the Occult.

Posted in Celebrities, Fashion, Gaga, Girls, Websites on 04/07/2010 by ThreeDice

I come across a lot of crazy shit on the internet. I enjoy sharing it. And writing in short sentences. Here’s some stuff I’ve found.

Jeff Winbush has written a really cool blog about Wonder Woman’s new outfit. She’s had a lot of costume changes in her life:

wonderwoman4Here is the most recent incarnation of the outfit:


In other news, they say that if you’ve got a fetish for it, then there’s an internet porn site about it. So if you go to bed dreaming of Falcons, then Erotic Falconry is the site for you:

Tween the Legs

 Bird Strap


Enough said right?


So finally, my friend referred me to a website this week which has become a little bit of a fascination to me. It’s called the Vigilant Citizen and basically this guy explains how symbols of the Illuminati and the Occult are turning us into drones. And they’re using pop stars to do it. Check it:

rihanna-rated-r-album-cover1 gaga3ld4 masonic-jayzChristina-Aguilera_Not-Myself-Tonight-e1273930410277


Spooky huh?

Mark Watson’s Blog

Posted in Websites with tags on 26/02/2010 by ThreeDice

If I were a comedian, I would want my jokes to sound like Mark Watson’s. About five years ago, after he featured briefly on an episode of Rove Live I went to Mark Watson’s first ever stand-up gig in New Zealand. It was one night only at The Classic in Auckland. It sold out. The next year he came back, slightly more famous, and filled the Concert Chamber at the Auckland Town Hall. When he next returned, he had five nights at the SkyCity Theatre. So it’s safe to say I’m not alone in liking his style. He’s also written a number of books. Two of which I own, and one of which is autographed from when I met him at a signing. He’s just written a new novel, which won’t be available here until 2011, and (prompted no doubt by his publisher’s PR agent) has decided to get back into regularly updating his blog which you can find here.

This is a good thing. I enjoy reading it. That’s all for today.

Coup de Main

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If you haven’t heard about Coup de Main yet, then you are either uncool, old, or uninitiated. I hereby hope to initiate some of you. I first heard about CDM when someone else linked to a blog post called “Attention Girls: Leggings are not the same things as pants”.

I was hooked. These girls do (almost) everything right, and what they don’t do right, they’re working on. My obsession slowly grew and I started to follow CDM on twitter, I very quickly realised these girls actually are the real deal, they’re producing a really high quality magazine site with film reviews, interviews with bands, blogs, and just generally cool content.

I have to admit, they are a lot cooler than me, each additional day that goes by, I find myself feeling “older” and less “down-with-the-kids”.

Go check out the site. Or these girls really will eat you up and swallow you whole.


And then there were two

Posted in Websites on 22/09/2009 by ThreeDice

So here you are at THREE DICE. I’m glad you could make it. Three dice is an archive of cool things I have discovered. It’s a blog that is very similar to millions and MILLIONS of other blogs out there.  Sometimes it’s a bit of fun, sometimes it is a bit serious. It’s about pop-culture.

Read it.