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Laura Scaife

Posted in Fashion, Girls, Television on 16/08/2010 by ThreeDice

I don’t care what anyone thinks. Laura Scaife should have won the first cycle of NZNTM.


Mad Men – Series Three FINALE

Posted in Television on 26/01/2010 by ThreeDice

The final episode of series three of Mad Men screened here on Sunday night. I didn’t get to watch it unfortunately because I was out celebrating my birthday (yay!) instead. But I gather from the various summaries available online that it was quite the corker. Betty wants to finalise her divorce with Don, who is teaming up with Rodger, Coop, and Lane to set up a new agency with Pete. I imagine this whole business of the conspiring and the revenge seeking would have come across well on TV, but I can only imagine.

Good news is I hear Red (Joan) is probably going to be getting a bigger role over the next season. I’m pretty stoked about that. I’ve already done a post with pictures of the cast of Mad Men once before so I think I deserve to be let of easily with the picture posting this time around.

Welcome to the O.C. bitch.

Posted in Television with tags on 25/01/2010 by ThreeDice

I just bought season one of the OC on DVD. Years ago, I was obsessed with this show. And now I get to live through that pleasure all over again.

Jessica Hamby – True Blood

Posted in Girls, Television with tags on 23/01/2010 by ThreeDice

Jessica HambyYes, okay, I know. It took me a long time to get around to it but I finally have had the opportunity to sink my teeth into the first season of True Blood. In true HBO style, it really is television of the highest order with great episode hooks that are resolved before the opening credits of the following week. This is an interesting variation on the traditional ‘reminder flashbacks’ that usually serve as preludes to TV dramas, and it works incredibly well. Especially if you’re watching the episodes on DVD and you can’t remember where the fuck you’re up to. I’m not going to ramble on too much more about it, although I could. I’ll leave it for you to hunt out and watch and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get me into a debate about civil rights and vampires and the nature of the subtext. But for the time being I feel like whacking up a picture of a minor character, Jessica, played by Deborah Ann Woll. Her character comes from a fundamental Christian background and, when she get’s bitten, she turns into this flaming petulant bitch. And the transformation makes for one of the highlights of the first season.

Think twice about her. She’s one of my ones to watch.

The Jaquie Brown Diaries (Series One)

Posted in Television on 10/12/2009 by ThreeDice

A local sitcom that doesn’t suck!

-The Listener.


I just sat down and watched the entire of series one of The Jaquie Brown Diaries and I don’t think I’ve had a better time watching NZ television since Lionel and Kirsty got married on Shortland Street. The characters are all so affable and all so REAL in the sense that those who don’t play themselves play people who actually look like the people they’re supposed to be! And the NEW ZEALANDNESS of it all. All the location shoots are done in super recognisable places and it just warms your heart a little to know that you come from such a predictable little city. I wonder if New Yorkers feel this way about Boston Legal. I also got a real kick out of the whole TV3 takes the piss out of itself at the same time as sort of promoting itself vibe that’s going on.

Series two is currently screening on TV3 on Friday nights and the final episode is tomorrow. Now though, I’m heading over to see if I can watch it on demand!

Willie Jackson’s Newsbites

Posted in Television with tags on 08/12/2009 by ThreeDice

I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t watch a lot of Maori TV. But I was intrigued by the sound of Willie Jackson’s new show Newsbites which was on last night. It was the first show of a four part pilot, and the first product completed under the guidance of Maori TVs new executive producer Carol Hirshfield.

I’m a sucker for news analysis. It was the cornerstone of my degree and I still keep up with criticism by listening to Mediawatch on Radio New Zealand, watching Media 7  on TVNZ7, and reading the blogs of people like Russell Brown, Simon Pound and Janet Wilson/Bill Ralston. Add to that, that I’ve always enjoyed the jovial altercations that take place on Eye to Eye and just generally enjoy Willie Jackson’s broadcasting tone (opinionated, yet transparent) and you’ve pretty much got me into a new obsession. For anyone who’s interested it screens on Maori TV (19 on Sky) at 9.30pm on Monday nights and will be there for the next three weeks.

It’s also available on demand from the Maori TV site.

The live cross

Posted in Television with tags , , on 17/11/2009 by ThreeDice

I come from the Joe Atkinson school of broadcast journalism, by way of Bill Ralston’s news and current affairs department. While these men may disagree on may points, one on which I’m sure they would agree unequivocally is the pointlessness of the live cross on TV news bulletins. 

Could someone explain to me please, what is the point of having journalists stand outside, often in the dark (I watch the late news), battling the harsh NZ elements to say “Well, it was all action here a couple of ours ago…”?

Worse than that, the journalists don’t really seem to reveal much in their crosses anyway. All the do is introduce the piece they’ve written and then wrap it closed at the end. They clutter the bulletin.

On top of that the anchors are made to look like morons by asking stupid questions written by producers. “What’s the weather like out there Anna?”

Presumably, the crosses are there for promotional purposes. To show the viewers that such-and-such TV team have reporters everywhere and will therefore always be there to get the story first.

Except anyone with brains will tell you that that’s bullshit as news editors dictate the news agenda anyway and will only make a big story out of something for two reasons: 1) If they can get a live cross there, or 2) If someone else has already got a live cross there.

The late Walter Cronkite, a guy who knew a thing or two about news, loathed live crosses to reporters in the field. His argument was if the reporters’ comments were important enough they should have been packaged in the story itself.