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Kate Miller-Heidke. My New Music Crush

Posted in Girls, Music with tags , on 18/05/2011 by ThreeDice

Last weekend I went and saw Ben Folds live at the State Theatre in Sydney, Australia. That concert was amazing, and was made more amazing by the surprise that I got after the warm-up act – Kate Miller-Heidke – opened her mouth for her opening number. I had prepared myself for an entree, but in the lovely Kate was served a delightful main course. Her mostly acoustic set was technically, aurally and visually flawless.

I promptly ran out to the merch stand and bought her two albums and made her sign them. I encourage you to go out and buy the records yourself. You’ll have them on repeat soon enough.

267046-kate-miller-heidke KMH KMH2


t.A.T.u – The beginning of the end, really.

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The first time I ever saw a t.A.T.u music video was in a bowling alley in New Caledonia. I was living with a family there on a foreign language exchange. The song was charting locally at the time and was absolutely everywhere. I was only about 15 at the time, so the video sort of stuck in my mind. Two Russian girls in uniforms singing in the rain and making out is incredibly memorable when you’re only 15.


According to Wikipedia, Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova are the most famous Russian pop duo to date.


In the United Kingdom, TV presenters Richard and Judy campaigned to have the video All The Things She Said  video banned from TV claiming it pandered to paedophiles with the use of school uniforms and young girls kissing. Although their campaign failed, other TV shows took a negative stance to the video and the girls’ kissing. In each of the four times Top of the Pops aired a live performance of the girls, the kiss was replaced with footage of the audience (sometimes kissing) instead.


Now they’ve grown up I suppose.

Laura Scaife

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I don’t care what anyone thinks. Laura Scaife should have won the first cycle of NZNTM.

Wonder Woman, Falcon Fetishists and Celebrities of the Occult.

Posted in Celebrities, Fashion, Gaga, Girls, Websites on 04/07/2010 by ThreeDice

I come across a lot of crazy shit on the internet. I enjoy sharing it. And writing in short sentences. Here’s some stuff I’ve found.

Jeff Winbush has written a really cool blog about Wonder Woman’s new outfit. She’s had a lot of costume changes in her life:

wonderwoman4Here is the most recent incarnation of the outfit:


In other news, they say that if you’ve got a fetish for it, then there’s an internet porn site about it. So if you go to bed dreaming of Falcons, then Erotic Falconry is the site for you:

Tween the Legs

 Bird Strap


Enough said right?


So finally, my friend referred me to a website this week which has become a little bit of a fascination to me. It’s called the Vigilant Citizen and basically this guy explains how symbols of the Illuminati and the Occult are turning us into drones. And they’re using pop stars to do it. Check it:

rihanna-rated-r-album-cover1 gaga3ld4 masonic-jayzChristina-Aguilera_Not-Myself-Tonight-e1273930410277


Spooky huh?

Unitards – for real.

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My new obsession is a site that specialises in bringing you pictures of celebrities wearing unitards. The best thing about it is that the have a voraciously active twitter account @unitarduniverse. Follow them. Enrich your life.








Assorted things.

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Haven’t blogged for a while. So here are some pictures that I hope you will like.

Closet Plug

This is a picture from DirtyLittleStyleWhore of a girl wearing a T-Shirt that she bought from Closet.

robyn-004 This is a picture of Robyn. Who’s CD I have just heard, and who I quite like.

pU1p3ehaPlyg5xwhndT429Fyo1_500This is a picture of Amanda Seyfried, Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively and Emma Roberts photographed by Mark Seliger for Vanity Fair, July 2008.

Shakira Cage Ass Rise

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For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, it happens at 1:18.