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Wonder Woman, Falcon Fetishists and Celebrities of the Occult.

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I come across a lot of crazy shit on the internet. I enjoy sharing it. And writing in short sentences. Here’s some stuff I’ve found.

Jeff Winbush has written a really cool blog about Wonder Woman’s new outfit. She’s had a lot of costume changes in her life:

wonderwoman4Here is the most recent incarnation of the outfit:


In other news, they say that if you’ve got a fetish for it, then there’s an internet porn site about it. So if you go to bed dreaming of Falcons, then Erotic Falconry is the site for you:

Tween the Legs

 Bird Strap


Enough said right?


So finally, my friend referred me to a website this week which has become a little bit of a fascination to me. It’s called the Vigilant Citizen and basically this guy explains how symbols of the Illuminati and the Occult are turning us into drones. And they’re using pop stars to do it. Check it:

rihanna-rated-r-album-cover1 gaga3ld4 masonic-jayzChristina-Aguilera_Not-Myself-Tonight-e1273930410277


Spooky huh?


Just stop what you’re doing and watch it.

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Released on Friday and it’s already been hit on youtube more than 14 MILLION times.

I think I need a comedown cigarette after that.