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Teenage Paparazzo

Posted in Celebrities, Film on 12/07/2010 by ThreeDice

The guy who plays Vince in Entourage, Adrian Grenier was pap sprayed by a kid one day. He was so shocked that in order to attempt to understand what motivates a 13 year-old kid to spend all night papping that he decided to turn the cameras and make a doco himself.

In the end he makes the same realisation that all documentary makers do when they choose paparazzi as their subject. And so it becomes a quirky documentary whose pulling feature is the kid, and which doesn’t carry much else.

The redeeming feature though is that he was able to get MIT Professor Henry Jenkins, an academic who I quoted prolifically through my dissertation and whose intellect I hold in high regard.

paparazzo lohanclub102809_02-full


Wonder Woman, Falcon Fetishists and Celebrities of the Occult.

Posted in Celebrities, Fashion, Gaga, Girls, Websites on 04/07/2010 by ThreeDice

I come across a lot of crazy shit on the internet. I enjoy sharing it. And writing in short sentences. Here’s some stuff I’ve found.

Jeff Winbush has written a really cool blog about Wonder Woman’s new outfit. She’s had a lot of costume changes in her life:

wonderwoman4Here is the most recent incarnation of the outfit:


In other news, they say that if you’ve got a fetish for it, then there’s an internet porn site about it. So if you go to bed dreaming of Falcons, then Erotic Falconry is the site for you:

Tween the Legs

 Bird Strap


Enough said right?


So finally, my friend referred me to a website this week which has become a little bit of a fascination to me. It’s called the Vigilant Citizen and basically this guy explains how symbols of the Illuminati and the Occult are turning us into drones. And they’re using pop stars to do it. Check it:

rihanna-rated-r-album-cover1 gaga3ld4 masonic-jayzChristina-Aguilera_Not-Myself-Tonight-e1273930410277


Spooky huh?

Just stop what you’re doing and watch it.

Posted in Celebrities, Gaga, Girls, Music with tags , , , on 15/03/2010 by ThreeDice

Released on Friday and it’s already been hit on youtube more than 14 MILLION times.

I think I need a comedown cigarette after that.

Separated at birth

Posted in Celebrities with tags , on 03/02/2010 by ThreeDice

Has anyone else noticed that Lizzy Caplan looks an awful lot like Katy Perry?

images1206091_LizzyCaplan                  katyperryhairstyles_mtvemas2009

Which is which?

2009 was really fucked up in pop culture.

Posted in Celebrities with tags on 21/12/2009 by ThreeDice

brittany murphy dead

And another one gone, and another one gone. Another one bites the DUST.

Pearl Going Answers!

Posted in Celebrities with tags on 30/11/2009 by ThreeDice

If you woke up on Sunday morning to find this story in the Herald on Sunday about Pearl Going and all the weird ass Castaway-style shit she pulled on the weekend with a bunch of kiwi designers and the gossip press, then you’ll be interested in the following explanation from someone who was actually there (and who wasn’t subsequently thrown out of the function venue).

It begins with Chapter One.

Is followed by Chapter Two.

And ends with Chapter Three.

Here is a website called PEARL GOING IS A FAKE.

And here is a picture of Pearl Going wearing an old curtain:

Dead Celebrity Society

Posted in Celebrities on 24/09/2009 by ThreeDice

Sir Howard Morrison died today. That cat was a bit of a freakin’ legend round these parts. It’s really sad news. But we’ve been getting a lot of sad news this year. So many celebrities are dying. Here’s a few that come to mind off the top of my head:


Michael Jackson and Sir Howard Morrison

Patrick Swayze


Sen. Ted Kennedy

Les Paul

Jade Goody (seriously, this was the most respectful photo I could find)

Farrah Fawcett


 David Carradine

…And those are just the ones I can think of, I’m sure there’s heaps more that I’ve forgotten about.

I dunno, it just seems as though 2009 has been seriously fucked up in pop culture.