What has happened to all the nice people?


The Metro magazine brought out its annual Best Restaurant edition this month, and the editorial raised a concern that I’ve been harbouring for some time.

Too often, judging these awards, we encountered sloppy service in places that should no better… Why aren’t they trying to get you back?

I’m rapidly running out of local places to get breakfast on the weekend. It’s not because places are closing down, and it’s not because I like to eat at a different restaurant every week; it’s because I’m one of these people who will stop frequenting a business if their service is poor.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Auckland has a seriously systemic problem with profitable mediocrity. What really pushed me over the line was this morning’s episode with a pushy woman who thought she could cut in front of a queue because she was only paying for something small and she had already made her mind up. That the staff allowed this was absolutely unacceptable. It’s not just eateries either. The lack of service extends into retail, trade services, and yes, even advertising.

The problem as I see it, is that people are seeing their jobs as a means to an end. They don’t enjoy it; clocking on and off so they can bank their pay check and get home to do whatever it is they think is more important.

At the end of the day, it comes down to management. I can say this, because there are businesses out there that are doing things properly. They’re giving their staff the appropriate training and responsibility so that employees feel empowered and can enjoy their job.

People ask me why I always visit the same restaurants over and over again. It’s because I like to reward good service. It’s such an easy thing to get right.


One Response to “What has happened to all the nice people?”

  1. What has happened to all the smart people who should ‘no better’ how to write?

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