Le Sud

Last night I went and the Auckland Theatre Company’s Le Sud up at the Maidment. It’s a play with a genius premise: in 1838 the French colonised the South Island while the British colonised the North. Years later disaster ensues when the sophisticated, wealthy South Zealanders raise the price of electricity supplied to the North. What follows is the play, set on the shores of French Wanaka in an opulent meeting room to negotiate on the price. The Northern PM has brought with him his MMP coalition partners (one from the right wing Federation of United Consumers and Taxpayers, or FUCT party, and the gorgeous Miriama McDowell, from the Maori Party). They meet the dashingly repulsive, womanising prime minister Francois Duvauchelle and his sparkling deputy Dominique (Jennifer Ward-Lealand) as well as the self-interested Minister for Maori Affairs (George Henare). Amongst the pointed political barbs are scenes of seduction, double crossings, and an ending that ties together all too easily. Though, that is the point.


3 Responses to “Le Sud”

  1. What a political sounding play – but love the tongue in cheek aspect. Will have to see it sometime!

  2. ThreeDice Says:

    You’ll have to skidaddle, it closes on sat. http://www.atc.co.nz

  3. […] It was an impulse buy based on the fact that Jenifer Ward-Leyland ( who I saw two weeks ago in Le Sud) was co-starring with Rose McIver  (of The Lovely Bones). It also had a surprise appearance […]

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