Troma Entertainment


Warning: links are NSFW.

I simply don’t understand how I have never heard of Troma Entertainment before last week. I was in JBs and the DVD I had gone in to buy was cheaper than I thought it was going to be. So, instead of saving up my monies for a rainy day (or to pay rent), I perused the shelves for a bit of light entertainment. One title jumped out at me: Tales from the Crapper.  It was seven bucks, and the cover gave nothing away. But the blurb promised guts, gore, girls, and aliens. How could I say no?


To get a sense of this film and of, as I have read, the rest of the films produced and distributed by Troma, you must first start with Russ Meyer. Now, smush Russ Meyer with Trey Parker. Ok now we’re getting somewhere, but just for kicks, throw in a whole lot of fake blood. And then sprinkle Ron Jeremy over the top. Now you’ve got Lloyd Kaufman; Troma’s numero uno. Director come producer come financier come actor come screenwriter. The man is pretty much the be all and end all of these films.

I’m now going to make it my personal mission to hunt out and introduce people to more of these films.

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