Stuntkid – “Girls Are Pretty” Series

Jason Levesque is the artist informally known as StuntKid. Apparently he started his illustrating career by copying the models out of playboy as a kid. I don’t actually know if that’s true or not, but it’s a nice story. I’d heard his name bandied about when I was at university, and recently when I came across some more of his illustrations I thought it was about time to find out a little more. Basically his signature style is to set up photo shoots with fetish models and does things like throw latex paint at them or tie them up in bandages and stick bunny ears on them. Then crafts beautiful pencil pictures from the images which he touches up with photoshop. The result is images which really should be quite dirty, but that somehow aren’t. Judge for yourself.

(All images from StuntKid’s Gallery)

Stuntkid WolfGirl

StuntKid PaintGirl

StuntKid BunnyGirl

StuntKid LibertyGirl

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