Coneheads (1993)

Comedy Central is playing funny nineties movies on Thursday nights. I didn’t know this until I stumbled on Coneheads tonight. The movie is pretty crap, but what makes it all the more watchable and perhaps even a little enjoyable, are the “before they were famous-es” and the cameo parts.


Coneheads was developed from a Saturday Night Live sketch, so it features alot of SNL regulars and obviously attracted many other actors to minor roles. Get a load of these names:

Dan Akroyd, Jon Lovitz, Adam Sandler, Parker Posey, Ellen DeGeneres, Jason Alexander, Tom Arnold, Drew Carey, Eddie Griffen, Michael Richards, and that’s just who I can remember.

Nostalgia. Plain and true.


One Response to “Coneheads (1993)”

  1. BAHHHHHHH! I loved this movie so so so much! I need to watch it again… thanks for reminding me of it

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