P!nk – Funhouse live in Australia

I can’t quite believe that this blog has managed to go on as long as it has without a post about Pink. Tonight, I rewatched my favourite christmas present of all of them. P!nk Live in Australia.

I saw Pink live when she came to Auckland as part of the I’m Not Dead tour. I bought a T-shirt. Honestly. And I still wear it too. I have a Pink calendar on my wall and I have most of her albums and DVDs.

Pink reminds us of what a concert experience should be life, acrobats, aerialists, an extensive band, dancers, improvisations, covers, costume changes, no lip synching, attitude, and adoring fans.

I watched it on loud. I even rewound the cover of Bohemian Rahpsody and almost fell off the back of the couch when I was dancing around to the Scaramouch part.

P!nkP!nk Funhouse

4 Responses to “P!nk – Funhouse live in Australia”

  1. Love Pink. If I could be a celeb, it’d be her! :D So was it good on your big screen tv? HMMMMMMMM?

  2. ThreeDice Says:

    It rocks your socks. Just watched the special features.

  3. Mmm she is amazing. Wanna see her live! :)

  4. Essj4y Says:

    Watching that DVD was awesome! I want to see it again. You’re right though it’s a whole experience, just like what shows should be like.

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