Bill Bryson – Shakespeare

I know, I know; yet another post about a book I read this summer. Well, I’m on a role. And I’ll make it quick, I promise.

I can’t imagine I would ever pick up a Shakespeare biography if it wasn’t written by Bill Bryson. The funny thing about him is that he has such a colourful vocabulary, and such a poetic, yet, strangely scientific manner about his writing that it makes you think that he would be the most amazing storyteller. And he is. On paper. To here him speak though, is another thing all together. The man is dry. Not a lot else I can say really. Dry in the way that an English professor might make a joke about the differences between object complements and direct objects.


~My mother made me a neurotic.
~Great! If I buy her the wool, will she make me one,too?


How about this one:

~Call me a cab.
~Ok, you’re a cab.

Are you on the floor yet? Try to get yourself under control, or I won’t be responsible.

~Make me a milkshake.
~ZAP! You’re a milkshake.

Ok, I’m sorry, that went on longer than it had to. Flash back to 7th period on a Friday afternoon. They we’re always such long weeks.

I digress though. If you’re sort of into Shakespeare, or feel you want to be, at least Bill Bryson presents the information* in a nice way.

Oh, and there’s also an illustrated version available, if you’re that way inclined.

In case you’ve read through all that and still don’t know exactly what type of humour you’re in for, I have accompanied this post about Bill Bryson’s Shakespeare with a picture of him holding a globe. 


*There isn’t actually all that much information about William Shakespeare which means that a)the book is not very long, and b) most of it is based on conjecture. It’s like a choose you’re own ending! Now that’s got to be good.


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