Meltdown – Ben Elton

The very first Ben Elton book I ever picked up was Dead Famous. I was a teenager, it was about the Big Brother TV show, and it was better than Harry Potter, which, at the time, was my only other source of literary nourishment. When I finished it, I did a background check on the author and found Elton to be the mastermind behind Blackadder  and The Thin Blue Line. All of a sudden, the entire novel hit me again on a whole new level.

Since then I have read all of Ben Elton’s books as though the protagonist was played by Rowan Atkinson.

Meltdown is Elton’s take on the events surrounding the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and bases its plot around those responsible for it. No one is spared from his attacks; futures traders, bankers and investment strategists as well as New Labour politicians make up the gang of friends whose fortunes are pulverised by the forces of the deregulated capitalist economy and who find themselves having to reassess the values and believes that have led to their desolate situations. It’s packed with political satire and makes for an easy-going summertime read, but its message is one to be taken seriously. If at least one person changes the way the think about market regulators and political economies as a result of reading this book, then I will be a very happy fellow.

One Response to “Meltdown – Ben Elton”

  1. Hmmm, considering all of the economic repercussions of late, reading Eltons newest book sounds veryyyy interesting…

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