Fang Banger

It was only a matter of time, really.

6 Responses to “Fang Banger”

  1. Take note: next christmas


  2. I love it.
    And I hate twilight so much.

  3. Really, Nivin? How can you hate something you haven’t read? Thats a bit, well, IGNORANT, isn’t it? hehe ;)

    LOVE Twilight :D

  4. ThreeDice Says:

    I think it’s possible to hate twilight without reading it. It’s about hating what twilight represents rather than the story itself. To many people I’m sure twilight represents everything that is wrong with society: commercialism gone mad. A bleating heard of teenage populous lining the pockets of society’s commercial oppressors while simultaneously idolating desperate, self-promoting puppets, who will for the rest of their lives be tormented by the gutter press so that they are forced to inject vile after vile of noxious poison into their circulatory system just so that they can get out of bed in the morning until one day the overdose and die. Die of the fame.

    And as they’re buried, hawkers will sell t-shirts at the memorial.

    Some people might think that. Or not. Whatever.

    Don’t even get me started on what the Christians would say.

  5. What about those of us that read it before it was even released, and loved the story for all of its merits? Forget the movies, forget the fan-base. For me, Twilight represents the ordinary girl being extraordinary. It represents love for the sake of love – not for gain, or for sex, or for ego.
    In a world where everything IS sexualized and commercialized, Twilight was a breath of fresh air for me – is it the books fault so many people around the world agreed?

  6. ThreeDice Says:

    I haven’t read it. It might be great. Or it might just be someone trying to spread Romeo and Juliet over multiple volumes. I couldn’t possibly say.

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