Mary and Max.

Tonight I went and saw Mary & Max. I saw the trailer when I was considering my picks for the international film festival earlier this year but unfortunately did not get the opportunity to watch it. Having finally seen it though, I have to say I was thoroughly impressed.

Based on a true story, Mary and Max are pen-pals who live in Australia and New York respectively. They are initially drawn together by the confusion and loneliness and affection for chocolate and other nutritionally questionable cuisines. Like all relationships, theirs has peaks and troughs, but through the simplicity and directness of written correspondence, they are able to reconcile.

The claymation work is exceptional, the models are proportioned just enough to draw attention to the effort that has gone into the sculpting, but not enough to detract from the cinematography or the narrative.

I especially like the use of colour. New York is mostly black and white, and Australia is mostly brown. The two regions are linked by the bright red of tongues and of other things that one might expect to be red.

I think everybody should write. It doesn’t take long, and it doesn’t have to make all that much sense. I have a pen-pal to whom I write in Seattle. I also write this blog. It is a way of articulating things that you otherwise wouldn’t have the time, foresight or comprehension to weave into verbal communication. If this film has nudged me anywhere, it has nudged me closer to the written word. 

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