The Jaquie Brown Diaries (Series One)

A local sitcom that doesn’t suck!

-The Listener.


I just sat down and watched the entire of series one of The Jaquie Brown Diaries and I don’t think I’ve had a better time watching NZ television since Lionel and Kirsty got married on Shortland Street. The characters are all so affable and all so REAL in the sense that those who don’t play themselves play people who actually look like the people they’re supposed to be! And the NEW ZEALANDNESS of it all. All the location shoots are done in super recognisable places and it just warms your heart a little to know that you come from such a predictable little city. I wonder if New Yorkers feel this way about Boston Legal. I also got a real kick out of the whole TV3 takes the piss out of itself at the same time as sort of promoting itself vibe that’s going on.

Series two is currently screening on TV3 on Friday nights and the final episode is tomorrow. Now though, I’m heading over to see if I can watch it on demand!


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