The Informant!

With each new film that Steven Soderbergh brings out, he’s becoming more and more of an auteur. From Erin Brockovich, through the Ocean’s trilogy, and even to Che, we’re starting to see a definable cinematic style emerge. The Informant! is laced with the same elements. Extreme, off-centre close ups, backwards tracking steadycam sequences of people walking, actors who are recycled again and again (to the point where, if you play close attention, you’ll notice a Matt Damon cameo in Che Part II). Speaking of Matt Damon, he’s great in this movie. Not once, not one single time did i think that this was the same actor who played Jason Bourne.

And you know what? I love it.

The Informant! is about a guy who becomes an informant for the FBI. Only there’s a catch, (SPOILER WARNING)  He’s insane.


It’s a real hoot, we get to hear his inner monologue and, it is delightful in both its absurdity and its relevancy. As is becoming a trend in Soderbergh films, the casting is done exceptionally. There’s a bit part for Eddie Jemison and quite a major supporting role from Joel from E! Presents: The Soup as well as New Zealand’s own Melanie Lynskey.



Oh and did I mention it’s based on a true story? That makes for an even more satisfying watch.

But enough of all this talk: Go out and see it for yourselves.

One Response to “The Informant!”

  1. Ohhh can’t wait to see it then!

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