Brick (2005)

Tonight I needed to unwind a bit so I listened to my favourite track from the brick soundtrack. It’s a poem from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado called ‘The Sun Whose Rays are all Ablaze’ or something. Anyway, it’s the version that’s from a great film called Brick which won the Sundance Film Festival’s Special Jury Prize for "Originality of Vision".

Brick is quite a fresh genre bender, crossing the DNA of a high school drama with a straight film noir. It is genius in both concept and execution. The soundtrack album features new, unique and original score from Nathan Johnson as well as vocals by cast member Nora Zehetner on ‘the sun whose rays’ track which I like so much.

I can’t find the track online, but here’s the trailer and some pictures:


3 Responses to “Brick (2005)”

  1. Brick is one of my favourite movies of all time. It cemented Joseph Gordon Levitt as one of the best up and coming actors of our time. This movie is so dark, so absolutely painful to watch at times and yet riveting, novel. The characters are acted so well, the plot so different. It’s a bizarre scenario, what with the innocence of High School being thrown together with the criminality of drugs and murder. Love it!

  2. ThreeDice Says:

    I have it on DVD. We should stay up late and watch it one night. I’m trying to get SJ to see it but she’s always making plans…

  3. I’m in – name the time and place :):)

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