Reality Killed the Video Star.

Don’t call it a comeback, we’ll hold an event in here. The space is beautiful.

Everyone is going to say I’m biased, but I mean the following statement sincerely: Reality Killed the Video Star is Robbie Williams’ best album since Escapology. And if the listening public were prepared to accept him, it would be his most successful since Sing While You’re Winning. On first listen, (from beginning to end) you get the sense that it’s somehow duller and less exciting than older records, but I eventually realised the songs are just as powerful and the melody’s are just as catchy (Won’t do that to you, Bodies, You Know Me) but what’s missing is the SHOUTING. On previous records, Robbie has shouted his power choruses and struggled (yet succeeded) to bend his upper register in ways that the most well practiced contortionist could only imagine.

One track is credited as being co-written by Guy Chambers. And the lyrics are almost apologetic. Which is nice, I guess. There’s one line that just ROARS of Chambers: “Our great adventure, Christmas in the snow/ Senile dementure, maybe. What a way to go.” It sort of almost recalls “I will talk and Hollywood will listen”. You’ll know it when you hear it. And you will hear it. Because you will buy it.

It all adds up to something wonderful. Something I have been wanting (secretly) for ages, I bought the album with relatively low expectations but its now on its fifth or sixth spin and I’m still loving it.

(Although is it just me, or are “Last days of disco” and “Difficult for weirdos” actually the same song??)

God save me rejection from my reflection. I want perfection.

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