High Fidelity

Yesterday I finished reading Nick Hornby’s novel High Fidelity. I’d seen the film several times before. And I even bought the soundtrack. Which is why I thought the next logical progression would be to read the book.

I bought the popular penguins edition. I love these popular penguin books. It says on the back of them that the guy who founded penguin books, Allen Lane, wanted a cheap book to read on the train. Preferably one that wasn’t shit, and that didn’t cost more than a packet of cigarettes. Flash forward to the 21st Century, and and edition in the popular penguins series will still set you back no more than a packet of fags.

But back to the story. I never realised, though probably should have suspected, that the novel is actually set in the UK. This had absolutely no impact on me as I read it though, as I still saw John Cusack as Rob, Jack Black as Barry, and Championship Vinyl as a dingy record store in Chicago.

Adapting a novel for the screen must be a pretty hard job, you would have to decide what to keep and what to throw out, what would work and what wouldn’t. All the awkward soliloquies that make the book so interesting were converted for the screen as to camera pieces. And they really worked that way. My hat goes off.

Anyway, the book’s well worth a read even if you’ve never heard of the film (shame on you).  

4 Responses to “High Fidelity”

  1. Cool, loving the explanation of the crossover from book to film. Looking forward to watching the movie now – Especially with Cusack in it!

  2. That is a brilliant film, in fact I enjoyed the film much more than the book, (as was also the case coincidentally, with Hornby’s ‘About a boy.’) That fantasy scene where Cusack hits Ian in the face with a phone and his teeth fly out and then they attack him with what seems to be a microwave or some sort of audio equipment is freakin’ hilarious, as is Jack Black’s overall performance, especially the ‘Let’s get it on’ cover at the end which he pulls off 100%. Soundtrack is good too – Beta Band and Stevie Wonder’s ‘I believe when i fall in love’ are definite highlights… It’s not quite in my top 5, but definitely up there.

    • ThreeDice Says:

      He doesn’t sing Let’s Get It On in the book! He sing’s Twist and Shout. I would really like to have been in the room when they decided to change that just to figure out why.

      • Steph Says:

        ‘Twist and Shout’?????!!! Thank GOD they changed the song – can you see Jack Black singing Twist and fuckin’ Shout? It would be like slapping the man in the face. Let’s Get it On is definitely the best choice – he rocks that shit, yo.

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