Hard Candy (2006)

Hard Candy is an original, captivating thriller about a young girl who hunts down a man she suspects of paedophilia. After seducing him online and agreeing to meet she ends up at his home where she confronts him and sadistically tortures him.

When you look at the raw ingredients, you get the sense that this film could be very messy. Very graphic. But the power of this film comes from what remains hidden and what remains unconfirmed for so much of the film. It helps to generate this conflict in the audiences mind and asks questions about retribution and punishment. What sentence is appropriate for a man who takes advantage of children, weaker both physically and mentally, who meticulously conceals his behaviour behind a veil of professionalism, and who is able to spend his life walking among us as a free man.

In what circumstances, if any, is vigilante justice warranted? And in the event that vigilante justice is warranted, then who might be qualified to exercise it? A fourteen year-old girl?

These are the sort of predator/prey binaries that this film attempts to unpack.

Production wise, there are some incredibly potent moments from the young Ellen Page (of Juno fame) and the filmmakers managed to fit a lot of tension and drama into a film which pretty much has two actors in it.

Definitely worth a watch. Maybe worth repeat viewing too; in case you missed something the first time. 

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