Mad Men

MAD MEN IS BACK ON PRIME! It’s so good to see intelligent television every once and a while, I was comforted by the return of familiar characters and a narrative that relied more heavily on what was unsaid than what was.

It’s sponsored by draftFCB now. Which is a little weird. It used to be sponsored by Mini, a client of draft’s, and now all of a sudden an ad agency is sponsoring a programme about agencies.

I wonder how long it took them to come up with that brainwave? Now I’m just angry.  They’ve spoilt Mad Men for me by trying to claim it. They’ve said our agency is as cool as this one; is yours? Only the comparison is merely superficial. They’re both agencies and that’s were the similarities end. Give it back to Mini you arrogant bastards.

An another thing. Prime TV. Seriously, Prime, you had so much going for you, you we’re such a great channel, you had a great marketing plan, some great content and nationwide coverage. But you’ve gone and well and truly fucked yourselves over by pushing the credits to left of the screen until they fill a mere 25% of it, MUTING the soundtrack, and running a shitty promo for some shitty, two-bit sci-fi rubbish that wouldn’t rate if wanted to. Which it obviously doesn’t, else it wouldn’t be so shit.


Here are some pictures:

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  1. […] the next season. I’m pretty stoked about that. I’ve already done a post with pictures of the cast of Mad Men once before so I think I deserve to be let of easily with the picture posting this time […]

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