Get it Together

Tonight I had a few jobs to get done and things tonight and i was looking for a good record to put on. After a bit of perusal I decided it was warm enough to take flashback trip to last summer with Sola Rosa’s Get it Together. This album was my first ever introduction to the group and I actually ended up buying the whole record blind based on hearing the first single, Del Ray, last December.

When I first heard Del Ray I seriously thought I was listening to a Mexican group. It’s that sort of song. I researched the album on iTunes and I came across the album cover art, which only further cemented the Mexican vibe in my mind. It wasn’t until I checked out their website that I realised they were a kiwi outfit led by Andrew Spragga of the ‘Spragga Selection’ on Base FM.

So the Mexican-esque ‘Del Ray’ sold me the album, but there are some other rather exceptional pieces on there as well. ‘Bond is Back’ sounds like it belongs in a Soderberg heist movie. A couple of the tracks feature a vocalist called Bajka who’s voice supremely compliments the uptempo soul numbers ‘Humanised’ and ‘Lady Love’. There’s a hint of reggae on there two hidden among ‘These words, these sounds, these powers’ and ‘Love Alone’.

I’ve heard through the grapevine (read internet) that there’s a new album in the pipes which hopefully will come out in time to provide me with another summer’s worth of bliss. 

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