Dats the Crux


Dats the crux

An awesome kiwi band I’ve just recently come across called Dats the Crux. They’re three school friends who came together in 2006 to form a band. According to their Myspace page they do themed shows in small venues. They’ve done Sangria, Nautical, Whack Stuff, Street Stripes, venetian b, and the latest show is ‘robots’. They’re currently unsigned however they seem to be working on a forthcoming EP.

I’ve listened to a couple of their tracks: Massaffectioner and Confetti (T-Bones’ Mad Notes Disco Dub). They were interesting enough to prompt me to look for an album release date, which I couldn’t find. I fanned them on facebook.

If your interested in The Presets, M.I.A, Prince, Basement Jaxx, The Temptations, 1973 David Bowie, The Postal Service, Common, Gotye, The Smiths, Michael Ramirez, The Pixies, Sa-ra, Interpol, Bressa Creeting Cake, Jay-Z, Bjork, Sister Sledge or Jem & the Hollograms  then you’ll be wanting to listen to these girls. They’re local to the Auckland region so stay tuned for updates on gigs and and an album launch.

You heard it here first folks; these girls are going to be massive.


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