Teeth (2007)

Teeth is currently doing the rounds at my office. I brought it in last week and the first guy who watched it thought that I needed psychiatric evaluation on the grounds that I had gone and spent money on this disc. The second person who saw it says it was the funniest thing she’d seen in ages. Each to their own.

Personally, I love this film. I first saw it at the 2008 film festival. I was supposed to see it with someone else but got stood up at the last minute. So ended up seeing it alone. This had a rather unusual side effect: I couldn’t talk about it with anyone. It only screened a couple of times and if you didn’t see it when you had the chance you’d have to settle with having me attempt to describe it to you. And it’s not the sort of film that’s easy to describe. That being said though, I always try. So here I go again: (spoiler warning!!)

Teeth is about a young, Christian, virgin from a conservative small town in the US. She’s in charge of her high school’s chastity club tool. So she basically doesn’t know how things are meant to be, you know, down south. One day she gets raped, and her body responds in an most peculiar way; teeth come out of her vagina and bite off the guy’s dick.  – Yeah –

Eventually she learns that she is… unique, and learns to control her second set of chompers. As you would expect, fun times ensue as one by one she gets revenge on people who have crossed her in the past.

Jess Weixler The main actress is Jess Weixler who doesn’t seem to have appeared in much before or since. Personally, I think she’s great. She’s only young, but she doesn’t sound like she’s reading dialogue; she sounds genuine.

Anyway, I snapped it up when I saw it in a shop one day just so that I could lend it to people and so that they to would be able join the vagina dentata fan club with me. That day has come. Chomp Chomp Chomp.

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