Gomorrah weaves together five stories about life in costal Italian town where a mafia war is responsible for death becoming part and parcel of day-to-day life. Gomorrah is the Hebrew name of one of four towns that were burned to the ground when God rained fire and brimstone upon them in the book of Genesis. God’s wrath was unleashed on account of the depravity of the city’s inhabitants. They place was writhing with sin. Everyone in the town was burned. So it goes.

The characters of this film would have fit in well in biblical Gomorrah.

If you enjoyed Amores Perros, you will enjoy this film.

One Response to “Gomorrah”

  1. I don’t have too much more to add other than, this film’s intent was to say Italy isn’t just Roman ruins, romantic venice boat rides, and the David in Florence. There is a very real gripping subplot to the realities of Italian culture.

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