BDO 2010

A courier arrived today with my Big Day out ticket. That made me pretty excited. They’ve only made one announcement so far and that was pretty much enough for me to by a ticket. Basically a whole lot of acts are returning who have played BDO before, but who I’ve never seen. Like Muse who I wasn’t really into very much until I heard Butterflies and Hurricanes from the album Absolution. And Lily Allen, who’s first album didn’t startle me at all and who’s second album only startled me a couple of months after it was released. Now I think that most of her is great. I’m not sure I’d agree with everything she has to say about copyright law, a subject very dear to me, but I like that she speaks her mind. Full credit for that Lily.

Also Groove Armada. I have never ever seen Groove Armada, but their records are always banging so I hope they turn out to be good live.

Gin Wigmore will be fun to see only because it feels like I’ve gotten to know her, or rather, her fans, quite intimately recently.

But what pushed me over the edge, really, was Girl Talk. Now, I know he’s a polarising figure and people have strong opinions about his particular brand of music and about his performance style, but I’ve always loved a good mashup and I have a real soft spot for top 40 pop anthems (sue me). Girl talk embodies all this and more, but also takes it to the next level: Everything he does is illegal. Every CD he has sold or given away is illegal. Every person who possesses his music and who listens to it and enjoys it is breaking the law and can actually be put in jail if they find themselves at the wrong end of a copyright investigation. There is a movie that holds Girl Talk up as an example of everything wrong with copyright. That movie is called RiP: A Remix Manifesto.  If you ever get a chance, and want a really simplified version of the copyright story, go out and watch that film.

So yeah, I want to go along and see these folks.

Want to come with me?

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