Nigeria Disco Funk Special: The Sound of the Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974 – 79

Came across this tidy little gem this weekend thanks to NITC. It’s part of a series on 1970s Nigerian music encompassing blues, rock and FUNK.

From the Liner Notes:

At first glance from a non-African point of view Lagos may not seem like a very multicultural place, but it is home not only to people from all over Nigeria but also from the whole of the African continent. This is often the case with great musical cities – the industry and opportunity that brings people from far and wide becomes the catalyst for enjoyment that becomes a necessity in a place where you may be far from home – think Havana, New Orleans, Brazzaville, Kinshasa, Kingston, Cartagena, Port of Spain, Dakar, Rio, the list goes on. Lagos and the cities of Nigeria were no exception. In the late 1970s Lagos became synonymous in West Africa as a city that could make you or break you. It was a place where most things were possible, a massive, hot, heaving, gargantuan metropolis that could also show you one hell of a time if you knew where to look. Its nightlife was legendary – the suburbs of Ikeja, Yaba & Surulere, had reputations as places to head for a good night out but also where you should watch your back. The musical backdrop to this scene was diverse. There was the legendary Shrine club of Fela Kuti and his afrobeat, the Juju of Sunny Ade, highlife, imported rumba & soukous in the  French speaking quarters, and of course funk, soul & disco. In a city as big and forward thinking as Lagos imported music from America was integral. Style and fashion were also key factors (Nigerians priding themselves on both), and so naturally funk and disco music was shipped over in huge quantities. These nine tracks show how that music was mirrored and adapted by Nigerians from all over the country and by non-Nigerians that called Lagos their home (T-fire, The Voices of Darkness, & The Asiko Rock Group). Deep, heavy and as funky as anything that arrived from overseas it rocked the dancefloors of Lagos, Aba, Jos, Onitsha , Port Harcourt & Ibadan every weekend.

Track listing, in case you want to have a taste on Youtube:

1. The Sahara All Stars of Jos – Take Your Soul
2. T-Fire – Will of the People
3. Asiko Rock Group – Lagos City
4. Joni Haastrup – Greetings
5. Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies – You’ve Got to Help Yourself
6. Jay-U Experience – Some More
7. The Voices of Darkness – Mota Ginya
8. Dr Adolf Ahanotu – Ijere
9. SJOB Movement – Love Affair

And here’s a bit of what you’re in for. Enjoy.

One Response to “Nigeria Disco Funk Special: The Sound of the Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974 – 79”

  1. An Exquisite Selection of Rare Groove by Juan Laya

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