Mouse Liberation Front.

mouse liberation front There is something particularly exciting about receiving an email that says your order from amazon has been shipped and is due on some such day. You know then, once you have received that email that your parcel has begun its journey and that it will only be a matter of time before you are united with it.

That is the feeling I am experiencing at the moment.

Yesterday I ordered a copy of The Pirates and the Mouse: Disney’s War Against the Counterculture. A book I am quite excited to read. It’s about a topic with which I have a particular fascination: Copyright Law. I have been fascinated with copyright law for years now. I wrote my dissertation on it. I will no doubt post another entry about the book once I have read it but I thought I would just comment on the history behind it. It’s about a group who called themselves the Air Pirates and who, in 1971 released two editions of a comic book called Air Pirates Funnies. They used a likeness of Mickey Mouse and were sued. The book is about that lawsuit.

I’m not 100% sure how the court case ended up, but I know that Disney won some money for trademark infringement and that the main cartoonist, Dan O’Neill, carried on drawing his parody cartoons despite a restraining order which prohibited him from doing so.


The Mouse Liberation Front came after that. It was a group of artists and cartoonists who would use the Mickey Mouse likeness for the purposes of parody. They put on a couple of shows and wrote a couple of communiqués, which is what you did in the 1970s and 80s, before the internet and the rise of the socially acceptable disestablishmentarianist.


One Response to “Mouse Liberation Front.”

  1. if i ever saw that print i would buy it for you. its awesome.

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