Show Me Shorts

Tonight I went to the programme launch of the Show Me Shorts film festival where I got to view a sample of some of the films that had been selected for screening when the festival arrives in Auckland (5-11 November 2009).

This year, the festival features a record number of World Premieres from New Zealand and Australia among the 40 films that have been divided into six themed sessions.

The schedule is available in print from Academy Cinemas, but will shortly be posted online on the Show Me Shorts website.

The films I had the privilege of seeing tonight were:

Henry Finn

About two children who can’t let their father die in a hospital. But how can they possibly deliver the old man’s wishes?


A documentary about NZ males who classify themselves as “Pick Up Artists”


An Auckland man’s suicide attempt is interrupted by a woman occupying the footpath on which he wants to *ahem* splatter.

Mixed Bag

An Australian woman travelling from the city finds herself having to stop in a remote country town only to be confronted by her own racial prejudices.

I Was The D.J.

An animated short about a DJ with a shitty manager and a propensity to daydream.

I strongly advise people to get along to some of the screenings in this festival and support out local short-film makers!


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