This is it.

This is It movie poster - Michael Jackson

I watched the movie trailer for This Is It today. That movie promises so much, I really hope it pays off. I think that the video footage of this show will get everyone who was going to go so much closer to the man then they could have ever hoped to be. It’s a bit weird that it’s only going to be in cinemas for two weeks. I can’t possibly imagine why that is. Surely everything’s better on the big screen? Everything’s better with cinema sound? It just bugs me that he was going to do 40 nights worth of shows in person and then they turn around and screen the movie for only 14 days. I’m not an organised person, generally, so it seems unlikely that I will be able to score tickets and actually get to go and see it which means I’ll probably have to settle for the DVD. Which, if it’s any good, will definitely be one for the bookcase.

Back to the trailer though, one of the great things about seeing this rehearsal is being able to see the thought that he was putting into this show. These events can be totally professionally stage managed to the point where the artist(s) simply turn up and sing and dance and then go back to the hotel room and play video games. But that’s clearly not the case here. Not even in the slightest. The more times I watch the trailer the more I am convinced  that the film will offer genuine insights into the mind of Michael Jackson the performer, not Michael Jackson the celebrity.

I will definitely watch this film one day. I just hope I’ll be able to get a ticket to it.

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