Put Your Lighters in the Air, Everybody Say Yeah


So, I bought, as in, went out and spent actual money at an actual record store, Blueprint III on the weekend. I’d heard what I thought was all I needed to online, in poor quality and it warranted a purchase. So well done Hova, your “leak” (and I know how these things go) worked. And I bought it.

And it impressed me beyond ALL EXPECTATIONS.

Let me take you back, ever since I heard the first single Run This Town (feat. Rihanna and Kanye) I had high expectations. Ignore the back catalogue, ignore the legacy. That track was a banger. And the video had Rihanna doing the fingers which I thought was weirdly sexy:


Then I got the heads up that Empire State of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys) was cool. And it IS. I played it round and round and round for days. But as I fished around online I didn’t get very excited about the rest of the tracks.

Then I heard D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune) which was pretty funky to and pushed me over the edge into actually buying the record.

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to actually sit down and listen to the album play from start to finish I am so much more impressed. It’s weird because some people have reacted somewhat ambivalently towards it. But is a good album. I don’t know whether it’s good because of it’s production or good because it’s Jay; but it’s good.

Oh, and the best part, the BEST PART is that the last track samples Forever Young  by Alphaville (Listen) which I first heard as a cover done by Youth Group (Listen) when it featured on the OC Mix One in 2006. I listened to that record at a time in my life that was a bit weird and so now that it’s been peeled back to it’s original sample and beefed by none other than Jay-Z is a pretty big final payoff for this record.

Buy it. That is all.

One Response to “Put Your Lighters in the Air, Everybody Say Yeah”

  1. Ash Garrett Says:

    Nicely written Andrew, noice.

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