Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Everyone makes mistakes. I’m prepared to admit that. I made a DOOZEY of a mistake in attempting to read this book. I’ve gotten to page 187. And I’m almost certain that I will never get anywhere further. Let’s just say it’s not very much of a page-turner.

Yes, I have read the original version by Jane Austen. Yes I have watched the BBC mini-series. No I have not watched the Keira Knightly version. So i suppose I have some expectations that have not yet been impaled by the commercial cutting knife of abridged cinema.

I suppose I had expected wit, macabre violence, gore, zombie-sploitaion, terror and other suitably adult themes. But make no mistake; this book doesn’t deliver any of these things (in the first 187 pages).

Instead it feels as though it tries to take itself seriously. It trots along Austen, Austen, Austen, Zombie, Austen, Austen etc. The problem with an adaptation of this kind, I have decided, is that not enough characters die in the original. So all of the ones who make it to the end have to be equipped with super-human zombie killing abilities.  Save yourself the trouble. Don’t bother with this book.

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