Going Back to the eighties. And also the nineties.

lene from aqua

OK so I only just found out about this, but AQUA is back! They released a greatest hits in July this year which had a new track on it called back to the eighties. And boy does this take you back. Since the eighties ended when I was five, I don’t have all that much of a recollection of them, but, you know, I watch movies and stuff. I like to think I know what it looked like.

If anything though, when I heard the track it took me back to the NINETIES because that was an AQUA era, I still have their album Aquarium, it never made the great digitisation of 2005 onto my iTunes, but I blew the dust off it tonight and am currently giving it a spin. Aqua more or less defined late nineties euro-pop. Them and the Vengaboys; dirty, dirty Vengaboys. I have that record somewhere too, I remember buying it at the airport in LA by spending all the loose coins I had accumulated when I went to California in 1999.

Anyway, here’s the video to the new track Back to the Eighties. I really like this video, even if you think the song is crap, you have to admit, that’s a pretty sexy unitard/leopard print pants combo.

And it also makes me want to buy a keytar. Oh how I do want a keytar so bad….

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