Coup de Main


If you haven’t heard about Coup de Main yet, then you are either uncool, old, or uninitiated. I hereby hope to initiate some of you. I first heard about CDM when someone else linked to a blog post called “Attention Girls: Leggings are not the same things as pants”.

I was hooked. These girls do (almost) everything right, and what they don’t do right, they’re working on. My obsession slowly grew and I started to follow CDM on twitter, I very quickly realised these girls actually are the real deal, they’re producing a really high quality magazine site with film reviews, interviews with bands, blogs, and just generally cool content.

I have to admit, they are a lot cooler than me, each additional day that goes by, I find myself feeling “older” and less “down-with-the-kids”.

Go check out the site. Or these girls really will eat you up and swallow you whole.


One Response to “Coup de Main”

  1. Nice work. My newest obsession.

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